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Sue Lawson

Author & Writer

From kids’ books to hard-hitting stories for teens, Sue Lawson writes novels that resonate with young people. She’s a versatile author with a penchant for a strong message – often about hope or justice or accepting difference. Whether she’s writing about Indigenous Australian youth or dealing with dementia in a loved grandparent, Sue draws her reader in to the story and holds them until the last page is turned. It’s no easy thing to write across genres and for different age groups but Sue tells it like it is in this funny, engaging interview.

Jennifer Kloester


Jennifer Kloester is an Australian author of Young Adult, Biography & Historical Fiction.

Her first novel, ‘The Cinderella Moment’, was published by Penguin Australia and Swoon Romance in 2013 and was followed by the sequel, ‘The Rapunzel Dilemma’ in 2014.

Jennifer has given talks around the world on Georgette Heyer and the Regency, and is a passionate advocate for women writers, books and reading.

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] We are in the book cave and I’m delighted to be with award-winning young adult author Sue Lawson Sue welcome to the book cave thank you so much,
great to have you here. Sue you’re a prolific award-winning author.
But I’m fascinated because having read across the range of your books you write across so many different genres. I do,
people ask me how do i decide what’s next, but the idea kind of decides me. I’ll have things that will get stuck in my head and what it is will dictate where i go.

[0:46] So that’s what such a vast array. Yes it is a vast array. So we’ve got picture books Junior fiction which is primary school young adult fiction.
And now your first book I was intrigued,
Dragons Tear, 2002?
tell us a little bit about Dragons Tear that first book .Dragons tear before then there were lots of books that sit in the bottom drawer and at the time.
You always send them out and you think it might be the one you that I love and they come back and go oh and send them out again.
the other day about 12 months ago I got a few of those rejections out and when,
oh I see why some were rejected . But Dragon’s Tear after a few picture books were rejected i was going to try some
Longer fiction Junior fiction and the first one was about Beach whale and it went on and on and my computer crashed and I lost it.
29000 Words which I think actually with the good Lord’s way of saying this book is cracked you don’t know why I think that’s what happened and then dragons teatime about we moved Cola.
In Victoria and.

[2:13] I was teaching and it blew me away it helps for the tablet I got to leave but call like to something else again,
did the Rays in there at 4:05 really good football is likely called she came from call Lex and I started to run the hell with kids.
Who was like me I was and I have a white kids my younger brother was very sporty
and you know Boss Mustang with swimming that’s where I figured swimming in hockey,
how to keep like that fit into town like this and that’s was the first part of it and then we’re all walked every morning around around around the like Butter Pop around the life and
are you still going to want you to know what the track and lived in it and that’s,
how it happened and I remember when it first came out one of the reviews said something about his fantasy novel at all.

[3:17] It’s really some it’s about a boy whose parents,
Peter farting and he can’t fit into dragons
that’s fantastic what are absolutely wonderful beginning to see when the last tree is Korea.
When we did The Loan Store Madison Wisconsin lunch for me but you always yell at the time.
And the other drama we had talked with a friend to lunch it for me that was off but it’s all that before I’ve never had that happen things
it was the most bizarre thing that it wasn’t just that mean you had no books at the lawn we scrounged as friends we saw some of my boys as well,
the public time will reply soon wanna case but we managed to get that hundred copies wow so and we sold 75.
We were lucky pets that dream beginning,
get that was really quite remarkable and of course that’s fantastic it’s a great experience the only downside of it.
Is it set the bar very high at that front end but you’ve gone on and had great success with you.

[4:42] Moist children’s book writers and young at all Ross’s you think you snort to still at the 3000 everyone so.
Gary Bray place to nothing to.
By the time dragons take high miles the second novel was well underway and the picture book which was actually the first accepted.
Was willing to production so I didn’t have that what’s next what’s wrong
yeah I already started on the next one now the next ones were ferret boy and those hurt it’s of the following year but you don’t so did this
remarkable picture book at my Gran’s different International I found that quite fascinating it’s going to be following in Asia
Puget pet Korea and Japan tell me about that.

[5:34] I’m about I had a very dear friend auvo,
she kind of made her to draw a mustache with Chuck we ended up in the same cabinet and he’s a state where he’s to have all this kind of stuff I need.
And always having a crisis of confidence that would lose confidence over the prices there but I would just fantastic on,
10 interesting right now I don’t know what happened to them.
They were just a couple of really loud are the twins and I just felt really inadequate and I remember going back.

[6:14] To the room and I was in there and I said I don’t think this is me I’m not good enough I’m not good enough Russia.
I’ma damage it,
and she said well actually takes create erosion can I send you some what show parties and you just do the messages and send them to me and I’ll keep your faith back,
so it’s because of a even John Mast and then I’m sitting here so they gave me that courage Joel was just amazing and.

[6:43] One of the topics she gave me was just a line migraines difference.
And the only thing I saw when I sat down to do it was while I want to be one of those grand Tsubaki I’ll give you that for nothing you know I did not want to do.
One of those stereotypical United migraines barking like.

[7:06] Different characters migraine disease migrant does that the rocks and Tom with the brace came into my head and I went all his crimes what else on this.
Annie hasn’t changed a great deal from that very first draft.
There’s been a lot of fiddling around with you but the essence of the story we’re on holidays in Port fairy on come back from A2 had the most amazing day we going around lady Julia Posey Island.
Since you said what for what
moshav actually off of their children on the butt that they passed would like to stand on the edge where I was when the white pointer if you
what is the most remarkable dying of Jaws and then go back and take my daughter is watching Playskool something I just picked up the painting at a time.

[8:00] That’s where that one came from Broad and that’s fine just huge at something Ole Miss yet so and in Japan Korea those Asian countries obviously just really has resonated with them,
can I use fantastic
picture books and I know you got class X becoming a little cave in a couple of weeks so which is great but I’m fascinated I want you to talk a little bit about your picture books because of course they such a contrast to the unification of the young adults
just a little bit about the mine says and the language and the constraints of a child’s picture book,
the picture books Archie the hottest massage.

[8:46] Published ones migraines different than Jamie stop and that’s the cancel. Picture books coming in the next,
couple of bees and one of those.
But at this stage it’s cold and biscuit maker of my van drivers but I thought they were first selected at noon so that will change what happens to me within.

[9:19] It’ll come up with an idea with this while we were at a friend’s place she’s a publisher and she bought at this huge to biscuits.
That one of the many skirt and it doesn’t work by the way
do you know is it kind of is it kind of attention gets fascinating my ex used to tell me about that used to dread Monday mornings
the particular off the new year
and any public holiday because those were the days they would get the manuscript in the box full of fairy dust and glitter and chocolate and little extra fabulous things
and it’s time for you to go.

[10:06] Want to not get published book later in your envelope that’s the way to do it like booking for gripe for inspiration,
Anna Sun lyrics.
All gold Maurice I know I went off on this tangent about this what and it started off in a woman making biscuits as a wire.
Getting the community involved.
And it’s ended up as being an old man living in a strange think North Baldwin long Talbots where he’s been there forever and when you count on your paper.

[10:49] And trying to get that sense of community back and so he fights biscuits for different events like a tooth comes at 2 to shape biscuits and then he gets sick.
And then a little boy who’s worked at who it is no one else knows who it is. This is strange and stay here.
I’ve been standing at the door and needs his key Brewery with the straight and everyone’s got something to help to us,
that when I worked on for Gooch Chinese,
just been accepted to you.
Ask for the stuff would you like to do that so I woke is doing it so I’m thrilled so they’re in the process now getting.
Illustrated but then what happens with a picture won’t cut off on fascinating,
the illustrator generally you have nothing to do with you and I interpret the story there on white and then when you come back together you then caught off and have to pay your text right back.
Too because they will have 3 inches telling so much okay so how many words would that manuscript be as if so which is fascinating because then we job close to your.

[12:09] Will Davis series the wonderful girl stuff with Mickey and Main the mini free,
but then poker card because it’s really a mother’s fault more about that.
For all caca pizza and I are only young lady was huge Sebastian those first three or four
oh yeah Sophie Monk in but yeah yeah
just do your work and we talk about this later.
I’ll fix your so I can text it to my publisher and it kind of that to wise.
I took Allie to break his true colors to my publisher now to Andrew Kelly from black to a book.
And Andrew is the tippy slot behind a big table and he set there and he said we’ll get would love to write it.

[13:24] But we don’t want to.
We would like to have a relationship with you and all my sense of humor is not good and I was going to try and draw how they met you.
I’m trying to get a book published you you shut up suit and then he said what other ideas if you got and then half my brain just went off the other house kind stop.
Brian’s got a little ways kids are watching a shot and we could do it you know series only see a couple of books three or four and he’s going I should be good,
I’m like sensible brine Sky oh my Lord.

[14:03] Fortunately it was 4 and 4 so I have time to build up to
well you can tell that because they’re full of energy and and enthusiasm and additional student still did I lock tell me some jokes you do to people,
what do you think of this Android pictures that look like elephant testing is the differences in language between your
picture books.
Genuflection which is the primary school and then the cause you’re young adult fiction and then nonfiction when you come to be like that but you know we talked about quite different sorts of.
Yeah yeah you know the way that you’re selecting the language the vocabulary the woods that sort of how did how do you manage that,
so how long would one of the David books pay is there any small draft,
I want to watch the story the final drive through bad iPads of the final book
someone cool to say rock which is nice because I’d rather drive around and did you go to for grade 5 child reading 8000 what that’s crazy.

[15:29] Captree much and pull back then have to pay I don’t think adding beats after which is a good thing to the book fraud,
not how do you make the switch between characters.
With your fight for kids the language they wife speaking the interest static type for each other.

[15:55] So you know that these guys for the old ones they smelled like to do those kids were trying to work at who they are and where they feeding and so are they.
The Cup match ball vocabulary move Wilderness not necessarily more at side looking they still quite introverted and pathetic types of language for me and a child itself but the character itself if I could have character.

[16:21] Play cjob Callum who’s a real flea boy and he’s intelligent boy but he doesn’t know.
At so he’s language is very different Josiah Roby who does retinal falati Freedom rod and Hui,
in the sixties compared to sign now and he’s experienced in the world is different,
to my books and very character-driven and that dictates the language choices in that sort of thing so in terms of the data series. It must go to children,
I think fantastic they collectively and my biggest selling books.

[17:02] I have just buy weed off kids love them all would get a mouse from kids about the midnight laugh about them and I’d love,
when he visited schools and talked about The Miz actually is singing the second book.
There’s actually something my husband did to me and I find it hilarious always doing breakfast Friday or dad be safe.
And always one of those still am one of those people that wakes up going up and can you just get up and get moving.
So this morning he actually virtually kicked me out of the bed and I went to the bathroom.
Rouses in the toilet but I went to the bathroom the door was on yet.
That’s unusual thought the shots were open and I pushed it and it exploded he had typed you on those potty Papa’s he had typed the word.
To the door jamb to the door and you can say cuz I don’t have a lot on the toilet.

[18:14] Largest and he was killing himself.
I love hearing those stories that some of those things that have happened to me.
Jan fantastic Sarah Kay so you were teaching primary school so that Daisy they fall got this incredible kind of reservoir or Bank
available vocabulary in an insight into young people but will you take in high school.
Against the Mets always love Kids R Kids.
Sauquoit friends would come around and you know you can guys with them until she gave me the look of her up Mom and then you just he that banter and.
The time of their voices in the white ice bake and I just left that she can teach a Niger boys because.

[19:18] I don’t sign up for lost but they body language and what’s going on in their heads teenage boys,
I just love them especially the ones that people quick to write off and go.
All day these all day that on the side when someone is all that
Cassidy’s that and I’m like well let’s find out who they really are
the pigeonhole is that but they know if uniphyl is always a Davis story isn’t there was a remarkable young adult novels because these are old books that
have such clear stroller stories but they
they really hot dips too you know and I I realize you two characters in the show but they’re also really Australian
and I think that’s great
new Europe lbcf Victorian girl you know I grew up in the western wood to rot.
Off. Because there was so much just my love of the farm on my own.
Did you go now but I do love the farm and that whole one dream and the farm in the farm at night in the shearing shed smells able to use all that now be fascinating rage.

[20:46] And what you’re saying about young men always see this resonates very strongly with you you feel a real connection because each of these folks actually.
Is about a young boy
at different ages and stages of life and I’m really interested because it’s always interesting when you read an ulcer you know several books
really it at a time because you pick up Alyssa clear themed that when everything written many years apart
the office Dwight so in fact you know I’m getting along over there
strong Faces of Death and loss in NHL Facebook which is not to say that is still really Pacey engaging page-turning rates you know you’re really cold out by the character in the story
a lot of Parental betrayal in these books and and children’s
struggle teenagers struggles with I guess that thing that props happens to most of us growing up is that gradual discovery that our parents are actually fallible
and maybe not always honest and their own struggles,
I’m one of the Jets is coming to Sky in the way he handled it with such a shoe muzzle.
Did the kid dressed as Britney moth know he’s guy but because of the way he handled it weird that the relationship she felt she had.

[22:15] Lawson watch she thought it was and he really let her down and that comes through very well.

[22:22] But they were these really really strong things,
and they very emotional books they did not lot happy right on buddy about them,
I have kids favorite day you that when I got to school. In front of me with their hands on their hips and I’m sorry I said why did you do it.

[22:53] It was really a strange thing all side what I did I killed a character and dramatically and brutally I wanted to play with that hole.

[23:04] Dana Point of friendship. I’ve practically the right word that you know and I scraped my friends change what often do I clean on to the Menard it will pass,
when you shoot to the point you actually become toxic for each other.
Android watch that happened with my daughter at what should happen with my friends money in my cousins my brother since I want to explore that,
and today’s cause it was represented in these days that kept escalating of there on wolves which was quite complex.

[23:49] I knew that was going to pay its at all know lots of stabbings at the time I was riding it.
Young people getting stabbed and it was a member thinking a lot little kids if I haven’t quite grasp the concept that it supposed it is his favor,
I don’t want it to play with that yet and I wanted to play with.

[24:14] The grace of the situation how each girl reacts to visit three of them hanging out together but I wasn’t even killing,
it was when I was rushing and I’m in for bringing my Edition who’s Addie friend of mine now and said to.
Oh my God Titans going to die if a try to make it very large handed the Wild Roses and very sudden and you don’t,
it’s on a particularly graphic saying I don’t think I’m going to cry.
It’s definitely done I have to say where you would shave now.
I’m in the aftermath actually I felt was very true to life because it isn’t a list of the book now I know it you know it’s quite quick and
and obviously in the news come through it’s very much exactly how it would have been in in real life so
what’s old adage graffiti writing a book like this one is.
We calling middle witches to the VIP launch an app and and the response.
Sprinkle Spangles the biggest criticism I get from kids to bed is cava.

[25:23] Yes in Greek Titan War.
I’m sorry but it had to happen.
For the books and I’d have to happen to chapter is each character changes.
But of course now they’ve done that 13 Reasons Why that those are done with a cassette tape so it Fresno his old school. His children might want some stores.
I don’t know I’m.
It’s 2010 so I thought this was,
well I think it will really extremely well reason but this is Kaden is definitely a stand-up character
this was a fascinating book and a real.

[26:32] Yes yeah yeah,
I don’t know yes yes that’s what happens when is that true I’ll get it I shoot but again we have you have the same of the
one absent parent absent mother
he’s an old free books yet which I found interesting is that a clue to anything to do with you or is that just.

[26:57] Yes possibly Lydig feel quite.
Alone at times oldest in the family you know the oldest in to look after yourselves if you want change the younger ones get that more attention for your pets
yeah. Cuz I need a consistent theme for trading finding.
All fighting type that’s based on my grandfather not the story itself but what happened to who great-grandfather is basically what happened to Bill
writer so this is some very much a country Australia book and this is probably.
This is freedom ride or even like this you could probably ass it is anyway but.
This is very much the kind of fish out of water child has been moved up you know operation from the city living dropped into the country school with the with the grandparents,
not if you don’t know and he doesn’t know that’s right yet so what prompted this book.
And there was an incident in a country child.

[28:11] A young boy killed another boy she only by accident he died being sent out to do a job and I’d have one of those boy fights you know those boy with and,
what it going to be far and one Ryan sod from the other the other follow and punched and.

[28:27] To keep failing some part of his anatomy and he died and I just would absolutely.

[28:37] In the horror that that could happen those poor kids phone keep you in the pool family so afraid that were family friends,
and my attention really turn to innocence.

[28:51] Nothing to do with the boys no less feeling to the boy who died when that poor little kid but that poor kid who did the app.
You know her did the police intent wasn’t Achilles desert is the side of it.
But I’m in love with you boy.
I don’t want to touch that I want a hug they don’t want to do whatever but you watch them wrestle 5 and trying to get through that door at once.
And that’s how they get physical with each other until I wanted to really explore what happens to that kid.
After cuz he’s going to take meeting you know he’s lost still going on how do you deal with that attitude.

[29:38] And what I wanted to do because it’s considered small town I just saw it and I didn’t want to do that cuz it would be too close.
This is nothing like what wait on you and it’s totally different story but it is just that premise.
I don’t want to explore take a kid out of his City situation where he’s the king of the hype hey it’s your life. Everyone loves,
and taking him from his place where he’s cute they even at home like he was talking to his mom to then dump him in these country situation is small town.
Bet Simon sizes look like and take off pretty much episode of where I mentioned it being your and they.
This Tiny Town people don’t know him. I don’t know how to handle he mailed the grandparents know what happened no one else does
but he doesn’t know that I know it’s huge and he’s.

[30:42] To try to call a choice to be friending is very much and mirror before he was ruined these who hate was you know that.
King at the school and he doesn’t want any part of that just sees.
Disciples not just disabled children but some people I will look through the mask and say and Benny did that he looks try to.
Caliman could say cuz he had this kid,
now we will serve any longer so I claim it because you had been mirroring him and that too I think you have played out really well and freaking nuts that hold.
I don’t think she the grandmother.

[31:38] Light it so much worse from your of really wanted it to be tough for the grandparents for him to be,
with Lyft I’m pregnant she paid to sign because she was pregnant in the whole situation of what it happened to.

[31:54] Calum’s parents so did the grandmother that’s another reason she’s almost like a,
a forerunner for the Dreadful grandmother in Freedom Road
she wasn’t like that. And my other grandmother apparently I’m giving you heard she dropping off one she was a crack repair,
brought very funny woman so I’d like to say I’m not scared.
The Dole that crap is suction
interesting and compelling book and I think it really important book and I hope its head abroad rate shipping across the Stray Leah it is driving school,
by artist Dumbfoundead quite often they sitting there with open mouth, and what and I start off beside you could always try the rice is country style.

[32:55] I will just have to look at it because I know anything about it.
I need nothing about the Freedom Road before interesting interesting we always have a strong connection or sense of,
Evansville Heritage in digital you know the place of the indigenous you know their extraordinary Legacy,
on the Australian continent in history that comes through very strongly in protest as well which is a terrific book.

[33:27] But I’m really interested in that sorry these sort of ended and I say true that you’ll also working on a dictionary of a dictionary and its really dictionary.
Rotten breath but it is a collection of Loki’s when I prepared the,
writing copy that went out to stores and then we’ve since then we’ve gone all hold on its foot back in at a bit more to it but what I wanted to do here,
and this was Todd really for myself and because I believe that.

[34:06] Elk eats hopefully we’ll get robbed but we stuffed up so badly and what I wanted to do was explain.

[34:16] The difference between disciple Richie you say original do you sign teaches Woody’s which do you use and when do you use week
topic ASAP
yep and so you use Preparation H when you know there a bridge and its capital I shrunk and,
if you not sure if they tar Strait Island oh or effort you you signed each that you would have kept a lot,
and every channel will lowercase is only ever if you told me that the average will pay for the world and top of it.
Colonization for things like that stolen generation men’s business women’s business.

[35:06] When do the curry become a Mary become a glory cuz Curry stir up to halfway through news at Wild and then a panda coins land and then go,
and where they they whisper Estrellas all those things if I become second nature to kids.
Then they not going to be like we’re stumbling out of restaurants that we don’t want to offend and not wanting to ask.
So that’s so true and fortunately for me I need side mirror who I’m car riding with DHS fantastic and she saw,
but lead singe alone just the most incredible woman I love
but she puts up with Monica Auto 5 go to ask him sugar okay. Wonderful woman my mother,
take she was a member of the original in Dodson Lake in the 1960s and we actually became bird and bone that used to come to our home quite a lot so I grew up knowing
we supposed moves that we was back then but so interesting
call you lucky Sierra Highway. You try to find the wrong thing to say.

[36:28] I’ll just funny Aboriginal culture Saturday.
I think it kind of explaining the freedom ride and Robbie The Great Character,
many people now would really identify with the berries of this world you know the robbers of this world and and gassed at the at the town’s Folk,
what is fictional town that kind of a compilation of the towns at the Freedom Riders.
Loray Walker.

[37:15] You know I think it’s a really important book actually in that way and the fact is that we are coming to I think too much basic consciousness of of what was here,
3200 years ago before White Settlement and and,
the value of that the things that would not value then that we need to value now and so it’s already really I think with knowing history,
in this way that the rising generation gets really appreciate the important.
Boy education about Aboriginal paper we founded in Humpty Dumpty.
That wasn’t brought through 12 years of education so what then brought you to this.
Not more empathetic to the part where is the connection was like most of us in of my ear we grew up in a very racist on the attitudes were pulling.

[38:19] I very much and I don’t know why has been drawn.
2 I’m at the regional cultures Zulus of the sexually obsessed with African culture in African tribes and you know it,
the whole off not just to lose it all of them and American Indian just love that culture then last night.
And always going over to type the will I was going to stop at high because you know.

[38:54] Really was horrified by Ozzy deep into battle.
How could you treat people like this year the American Civil Right Stuff off the love of God Yahweh Martin Luther King.

[39:07] And thin or discovered recently,
and it was all happening here and I just went just like the Freedom Riders yeah yeah.
And that horrified we did in my last time ever gentle paperwork last is flora and fauna that just fluid meanest and that’s when I started to go.

[39:32] Hold on a minute but I was too scared of getting it wrong I don’t have never reach a woman’s side of me recently she also wanted to know more but I’ve been too scared
just had that work for you and I know you don’t really well at all really but I saw was researching these cuz i p h t. Banter you know site the wild girl got money,
but yes by Johnny on the protester from way back to the Franklin,
digno de camping. I want a child in toilet,
at what time across the $5 and I’ll put it in a month crazy nut. I kind of thought process photo of a man with strep original children are going to jump out at me now I am at my,
and I just went oh my goodness and it’s it’s.
Child support can you get in a swimming pool with Aboriginal children and the caption to it says child’s persons.

[40:38] In a pool with Aboriginal children in the pool War II that he helped desegregate and you know in cartoons will you say the brakes go on and people go.
Budget that I felt myself car what to say progression.
What do you mean desegregate there wasn’t segregationist I would say that it went well he,
I always so angry,
I was one of the paper that they started this group the death of these Student Association,
because rugby plays for coming in spring books and someone said to them.
Look in your own buddy backyard while you treat a virginal fix that first original paper I Bridge anyway.
Fix that first before you project about the other and.

[41:54] I started doing this at the time I was writing World War II book on the role of women played in the world sweetheart that could call her and we know that we don’t know it’s don’t understand,
tell my man just was with me up with what happened and I had a meeting with Mary and my publisher.

[42:16] And I said to her should have protested could go to has werewolf.
Chamoy what’s going wrong because it was approved my exact words with a bloody Freight Android One Life Mia Li.

[42:32] To tell me about it I lost it all.
This is what I want to do and she said do it original I’m not it doesn’t need to be and she said that’s exactly what she said she said Roshes and we’ll deal with all of that life so what I wanted to do.

[42:49] With have a boy who knew things wrong with Cody on you.
The way we tried every jump a pool in a while I didn’t know it would have gone on the past on knew we were horrible to them I need that you know that they masochist and stuff.
And I wanted him to be like me ignorant I wanted him to know things went right but not know exactly,
and I wanted the story to comes for he thought me not Pooh oh my God this is a poor thing in these people are just people and why we doing this.

[43:23] That real horror of what’s going on.
Tibet see that to that kind of bad if it’s where you pull it off beautifully but you also pulled it off I think with the whole familial relationship between Robbie and his.

[43:36] Terrible father didn’t read for grandmother and I thought that was actually really well done because it did come down.
I think it’s often does when you’re a believer in a pool is when you are a real Champion for justice that you have to pay a price for that,
you done very often the price is a relationship or a family member or
all family perhaps and funding that car each cuz you know my family really weird very rice is still much better now,
that since. But Mom you know we got here and was told you the wife’s Tale.
It took a lot of courage to sit at the end of the table inside of dead not on.
And it all started doing in the 20s.
You took a long time to do it and so it is hard to turn.
Even though this is a story for young adults while I mean at the great I hope it was well.
You know you really actually comes all the major points and they the treatment of the Aborigines come through really vividly
it’s very realistic the hypocrisy in the wat men or women extraordinary and tablets.

[44:59] What men,
would got your not have anything to do with women during the white Aboriginal women or Aboriginal men that weren’t even allowed in the shop so I could win let hospitals blah blah blah blah
try to not few drinks let’s put down to the camper to be absolutely
and these people waiting for sick children.
An elephant that just saw you.
I wanted to use it because of Harry faulting it was and then it’s regards to these people as people incredible disrespect.

[45:50] The whole concept of democracy doesn’t seem to be good enough for anything else it’s just as luck would love to die for your country
a good enough to serve your country when you are actually on the floor in Florida.
That was actually allowed to that to lie about being Aboriginal because I’ve Regional paper went sits and Essence right now.
And that’s how they got the Volvo Shepherdsville paper will divide it was the soldiers who fought with Aboriginal men.
Should I eat these guys were good enough to drive with it really that should be one of the few referendums it difficult the yes vote in the 60s
that kind of day. Sorry we can’t really been nothing in this fabulous wonderful so don’t break,
but really evocative and it’ll minutes on why comprehensive history show history of,
protest in Australia we wanted to show.

[47:03] This is Series this is part of it cold a story that is how events of shape describe you pretty much and so we decided we do crochets have protein shape than I should,
and now what final riding at the moment is next week will it and each projects but it won’t be cool.
But however Rachel papal interest rate Island have protested and.

[47:31] Closest to where we are today and looking at people at William Cooper man that God just the most you pretty woman,
in the Heats Rolex people today, we shouldn’t be with I just ride or die for a hundred,
Straight A’s I need to come in recently and one of the first celebrations of it in the so she’s ever jumped people protested thin,
and so we wanted to look at all that for the stuff to my BO2.
Why to walk off too so that sound you just one little baby like a companion to these fantastic well I really congratulate you on this on this because I’m tired of it
because I’m a privilege what woman middle-aged woman rush if I called and that’s where.

[48:25] It’s been a wonderful day except ensnare couragement from people like Saigon yep we could have.
In the Harvest time of the year to watch in a privileged Australian many of them have stood up
text Donna Kay you know my own mother you know it was a great time advocate presiding Fraser Island the Franklin damn like pitted she at she tried very hard to save like pit up and um you know the conservation battles
I want to lost faith in the Lord’s feet
so this is a huge achievement. What’s next on the horizon bassoon for picture books
that are explaining country sharing family and love I think the other one is.
To the upper General understanding of our grandkids Illustrated the first to sharing and Country Bela stretching the bottom.
Couple of wonderful new Talent Salida from wish I could remember.
From a friend who works Exquisite and the other one buypower Jewel and the other one is from kind plant so they wonder why I mean it washing also.

[49:50] Well, we’ve got a few in the pot at the meaning of non-fiction book coming out.
The picture books are fiction but but you never known Fiction made the dictionary that have that comes out next year
Adobe XD okay one of these next year the indigenous protesters next year.
I’m also free space contact which is basically on the Mexicans that occurred,
you definitely that’s good to Bend National very last messages for in the Santa it’s fascinating conflict.
Emma published contact list you want to trade.
So it’s it’s amazing so we doing that what else we doing in ditch party for doing in teach people of knowledge.
Sorry people at William Cooper and child spoken.
Just introducing mainstream schools 2 days incredible when you cope the people don’t realize.

[51:07] The very first and only probably taste about the knowledge of glass for World War II you know when the Germans yes yes
Crystal dock
I hate this man is desperately trying to get land rights for people and his sleigh to walk from footscray to the city to colon Street.
Of the bicycle the Aboriginal events with Blake and Scott and 55 at BridgeMill paper walked in.
And took a petition to the German consulate.
And he’s recognized in Israel at one of the beef Holocaust is in Memorial license he’s going to Memorial Day. Been tested and.
Why don’t we know it is what it is all about getting the rock published,
sorry it just goes to show you can be
watch them out of middle class and you can you die do your bitch,
Knoebels all the way at the minute I’m just typing a little breakfast total Florida me like this. The questioning.

[52:32] The.
Yeah I remember the first Thomas interview was actually by a group who does the radio National program away.

[52:44] And it’ll recall him so I know to see if I don’t want to make things worse because my.

[52:53] Got no complaints from any of us here yeah and if you get complaints you send PayPal to us if you’re not going to make it.
I think it’s a watershed book a heart song highly recommended.
So you know how many years to come and I hope it’s in the schools and that which is great.
Days to happen otherwise.
You know it take doing yeah. Might you have any cool down those obstacles in Asbury is to understanding and acceptance you know it really needs to get off into,
how to pop in Australia Across the Nation.
International so new books will be out.

[53:47] It’s been just a lot. Before you go through we always ask August in the book cave the one question.

[54:00] And that is one of the three books that you would leave us in a virtual Time Capsule around hoping that you would like the world to read a thousand years from now
what my coffee sweet wonderful.
I like to be done for rule-breakers out.

[54:28] Facebook,
the narrow road to the Deep North is exquisite if you read that.
I’ll make him coffee and polishers.

[54:49] Couldn’t stop biting it incredibly beautiful pieces of humor in it,
did he tells it with such it’s trenda story it’s the Boomer out loud.

[55:03] About the friendship and the.

[55:07] Their ability to survive and no hurry just incredible and he’s done it beautifully,
I really enjoyed that so you could I have a prize winner I was so exhausted great looking forward to reading this is beautiful
speak Hylian alphabet
cuz I looked when I woke up what do you want to start with. Nothing has affected me as much as that. One of the characters.
You’re beautiful I hope the main character character actually,
was at the John Marston conference that always thought he was at the second one I think and he would so love Scott today,
but Scott Royce young men like no one I have ever read.
He’s books are beautiful and he’s characters a Sorrel and quite often troubled kids,
it could go either way and this one that they don’t know it actually one book of the Year couple years ago.

[56:23] It’s one of my favorite having said that I’m just ready so you wanna love Sparrow
try the one that follows this is exquisite but I didn’t have it on the Shelf I’d lend it to someone so it had to be you looking for just incredible example of a stye you know about fiction,
that is beautiful fantastic amazing and you want to talk to him.
Is the most Exquisite picture book it is a picture book but really it’s for adults and for older people and it’s Fox by Margaret wild and Ron Brooks and it’s about friendship it’s about a trial.

[57:02] Learn ya
push bar in Australia now you know what it’s really like to be a lot I have to bring me scene.
When do I read a trial of oscillating,
signature of all things wrong with man you can watch that she really she’s incredible April of does brushing no favors I just woke up we used to go to pick Magic,
creative living beyond fear and it’s about an HP creations and one of the big things I got from it in fact that you checked on who’s anyone.

[57:54] Office you should have gymnastics you should be you should should have a chair with it’s called fear and that’s what you might feces.
Are you sick when you walk in and you think it might be sit in the chair and your garage.
I want to really enjoy and resume one of them,
what we love it that’s just great thank you so if you are you should do.
Do you know Millennium Time Capsule having you in the book K thank you so much and crap so have you again one day.
Love it thank you sweetie in the book I was recorded at the mats with the assistance of 94.7 FM July.

[58:58] Music.

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