We have walls! – my garden odyssey

So, after some rain and other delays, we finally have walls. At least, we’ve got the walls you won’t see. Chris has built the brick retaining walls with the wires in them that will allow him to attach the sandstone. He’s left room for the corner pier and we’ve ordered the special angled plinth bricks [...]

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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend – book review

Recommended books sit high on my to-be-read pile so when a dear friend insisted I read this one I plunged in with alacrity. For the most part I enjoyed The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. It’s an intriguing book, and well written, with a solid cast of quirky characters. Its small American country town setting [...]

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All things Georgette – the suppressed novels

Whenever I give talks about Georgette Heyer someone always asks me about the suppressed novels. What are they? And why did she suppress them? In the late 1930s, Heyer suppressed six of her fifty-five novels. The Great Roxhythe, Simon the Coldheart, Instead of the Thorn, Helen, Pastel, and Barren Corn. She was determined these books should [...]

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The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery – Book Review

It’s funny how some books stay with you for years and years after first reading them. For me, The Blue Castle is one of those novels. I love Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books and especially her Anne of Green Gables series. I’ve read and re-read them, revelling in Anne’s adventures and her feisty, optimistic character but it [...]

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We have steps and lorikeets …

So the great concrete pour has finally happened. At last we have permanent steps and the beginnings of a terrace. Of course, it’s all still a long way from finished but at least I’ll never have to weed the steps again. Hooray! The concrete has now hardened and gone “off” and it’s all looking good. [...]

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Laughter is the best medicine – All things Georgette

I find life hard sometimes – I mean, who doesn’t? Unexpected stuff happens, people let you down and often things don’t turn out as planned. Even the best life sucks at times because hurt and tragedy come to all of us. I’ve spent six of the past seven years in chronic pain. The kind that [...]

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My Garden Odyssey – Revolution

So I finally reached tipping point. For years I’ve weeded the steps leading to the lawn because they have earth treads and weeds thrive in them. I was pulling out thistles when I threw down my fork and trowel and said, “That’s it! We need something permanent.” When my better half protested, I explained that [...]

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The Talisman Ring – Rare Cover Art – All Things Georgette

Readers love Georgette Heyer for her humour. Her historical and detective novels are full of funny scenes, witty dialogue and memorable characters. Heyer’s wit and sparkling language make her a popular re-read and one of her finest comic novels is The Talisman Ring. It’s a period mystery with great characters, a page-turning plot and some very funny dialogue.

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