In the Book Cave with David McCooey

David McCooey

Best known as a prize-winning poet and academic, David McCooey is also a critic, editor, musician and sound artist. Described as having ‘a remarkable power to draw the reader in’ David was a fascinating guest In the Book Cave. Speaking about poetry and its power, David explains why poetry remains important to so many people in the modern world. Here is a writer who understands the power of words and how poetry can help us to make sense of our lives.

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In the Book Cave with Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark

Since creating her popular teen hero, ‘Pugwall’, Margaret Clark has gone on to write a range of best-selling novels for children and young adults. A beloved Australian author, Margaret’s books have found audiences around the world. Funny, wise and clever, her novels address many of the issues with which young people grapple.

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In the Book Cave with Roy Hay

Roy Hay

Former academic and a veteran sports writer, Roy Hay has been described as ‘one of Australia’s most influential football writers’ and there’s not much he doesn’t know about the ‘World Game’. Author of multiple books including several about soccer and Australia’s history in the game, Roy has been a player, coach, manager, club official, referee and journalist, and that’s only one side of the man.

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In the Book Cave with Sue Lawson

Sue Lawson

From kids’ books to hard-hitting stories for teens, Sue Lawson writes novels that resonate with young people. She’s a versatile author with a penchant for a strong message – often about hope or justice or accepting difference. Whether she’s writing about Indigenous Australian youth or dealing with dementia in a loved grandparent, Sue draws her reader in to the story and holds them until the last page is turned.

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