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Delwyn Jenkins


A modern woman for modern times, Delwyn Jenkins has plenty of first-hand experience with today’s fast-paced publishing industry. As a writer of erotic romance, which she usefully distinguishes from erotica, erotic fiction and porn, Delwyn has been published by Momentum Books, Ellora’s Cave and Evernight Books. As an e-book author, Delwyn has plenty of insight into digital publishing and the highs and lows of writing in the digital age. With a wicked wit and a talent for the quick comeback, Delwyn is hugely entertaining and we loved having her In the Book Cave.

Jennifer Kloester


Jennifer Kloester is an Australian author of Young Adult, Biography & Historical Fiction.

Her first novel, ‘The Cinderella Moment’, was published by Penguin Australia and Swoon Romance in 2013 and was followed by the sequel, ‘The Rapunzel Dilemma’ in 2014.

Jennifer has given talks around the world on Georgette Heyer and the Regency, and is a passionate advocate for women writers, books and reading.

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[0:00] Music.

[0:07] Welcome to the book cave today I’m here with author delwyn Jenkins welcome to book cave
great to have you here thank you delwyn a multi published author 3 publishers i think so far
And you’re an e publisher I’m very keen to hear about that I’m sure print soon but certainly even out so e-publishing.

[0:32] Primarily it’s about where your readership is and most of my readers.
I write a romance up fairly spicy and most of my readers are in the eBook market so for me print while it would be nice to hold a print book not really my readers are so most publishers publish what I write.
Publishing e.
Ok so e, obviously digital for there for a reading on the screen reading on the Kindle and iPad so yeah yeah I’ll be about fantastic and a broad demographic yeah yeah I think most,
romance had a pretty broad spectrum of readers anyway even people who prefer you know like I write hot and spicy but that doesn’t mean they’re not.

[1:14] Check out text English professors you know like it runs a whole gamut at the same as every other subgenre does
it just a matter of whether you like the door open or shut for sex scenes. So are you a door open? yes no really all that means is when you follow along the relationship.
I used to read very early on in my probably late teens a read epic fantasy.
Always with that always follow the romance side of it and really invested and really interested and just as it got good, they shut the door. So when I started writing I.

[1:54] Put my Raiders into the bedroom I followed along cos I.
Feel when two characters come together in that physically intimate space they become emotionally intimate as well,
do I write so that’s when I get really interesting to media peels back not just you not just ripping off away is it close but your stripping off layers of protection and emotional,
business as well so right that’s what I find really interesting and often when I’m writing I don’t really get to know the characters really well until I write that first sex scene and it’s when I start to really kick into who they are so,
and the reader I liked it to do that too so when we talk about door open or do I shut I always say.
I invite my Readers in put them in a lounge chair give them a bowl of popcorn and we go.
I wrote in my first series I had it.

[2:50] Critique partner and shredded chicken or the you should try reading you should try writing erotic romance and I don’t know about that I don’t know how I don’t know.
Not sure.
And then I was between books and I went on a swing at it cuz really it’s just me and computer if it’s terrible no one has to know so so I had a swing at it and I found I really liked it not it was actually writing with a particular publish a write that there.
I were quite well known for publishing really spicy erotic romance and it was almost like.

[3:23] Adelaide me to take the brake to put off the brake and I went places where I never thought id go so heading that that kind of.
Freedom to write whatever came into my head knowing that no one else had to read it if it was terrible and I found I’ve got a facility for it so but I tend to write even though their explicit in language and description Ida always.

[3:46] I thought it was make it really sensual and I try to always make it about the relationship and it’s really about the emotional connection I tend not to write sex scenes between people who don’t already really love each other whether they admit it to themselves others or not so I don’t do,
in my books and I’m ok with other people doing it and I’m ok to read it but I don’t do casual sex I don’t do angry sex I don’t do just not what I write.
Ok so.
If you write explicit sex and you talk about erotic romance so what’s it in an erotic romance a pornography,
I think because people do some people and some writers call what they do,
word for not being poor not being a mastubatory aid drive me crazy
really are you log off and 6 months on that book and I’m doing my best to make it really beautiful and then someone comes up with that or they call it smarty or dirty and it makes me really cranky so.
Really the turn erotic romance for me just means that it’s explicit in description and language.
And it also means that you’re going right into the bedroom door with a tear in your popcorn bowl so you know yourself in and often with with erotic romance with in that umbrella there’s a lot of to Boos that are.

[5:03] Examined there’s often it often this fringe facts like
in the BDSM community you’re Minaj to be more than 100 or 3 or 4 Partners so it’s quite expensive and is lots of people who don’t like reading about sex and so if you just label is erotic romance in there
I know exactly what it is or conversely people who do like reading really spicy books they just know what they’re hitting when you talk about erotic Romance.
So I suppose isn’t if it’s an erotic romance and perhaps you can.
Expand on that but the book that most people out the world now with his 50 Shades of Grey and everyone’s going to bring that about that but is that for me no no.
I have big problems with I’m really willing to.

[5:54] Bad authors but my my problem with 50 Shades of Grey is there’s consent issues that I find really disturbing,
and at it’s core it’s really about a naive virgin being.
Hunted by sexual predators like a very sophisticated sexual predator.
Male who’s much older than her and it’s disturbing on very many levels for me because because of the consent issues because of the kind of stuff he’s introducing her to without her having enough knowledge it’s about.

[6:28] And her committing to that lifestyle without being fully
aware of what’s involved for her there the scene where she they do a scene together and she doesn’t like it was either safe word wall where’s your brain dude
you know really that the whole point so it’s there was lots of things there and to me it felt very disrespectful to the BDSM community because she clearly had none water research into what it entail and.
Samee really he was he was a very broken man who was beating at his demons on women.
And it’s not really BDSM really about next to power exchange and it’s about two people coming together discussing what allowable and what’s not and at the end of the day.

[7:11] It might not sound like it and then did they it the submissive has all the power because she she or he is the one with the faith word
what that’s 157 stops at I have ultimate control so it’s that’s the power exchange
Fifty Shades of Grey I didn’t find any parex don’t off help he had all the power and the fact that he wouldn’t let her say no the fact he turned up at her work with she said not to do the whole range of things and really if he had it been some.
Great bloke living out of his car he would have been in jail for stalking you know or he would have been on episode Criminal Minds low.
So there’s the Holcim why do successful why is 100 million copy I don’t know I think it’s a combination of.

[7:50] Ring it marketing opera has nothing to do with your so because you know what good luck to are if she can you know but I had really fat content is very adult.
The content in that book a very adult my head really big problems with it being in that Impulse eyelet.

[8:06] Target or you know Indian in a big block in a
you going to pay petrol on there 50 Shades of Grey or unit at a place where 11 and 12 year old boys can open the page and giggle over and think that’s what sexy it’s like it had really big issues with that we just not her fault at all,
and you know for what I write I don’t want I don’t want anyone and 18 metre my books because it’s not appropriate so and it’s the same with and if we fifty shade because I had both consent issues I hope.

[8:34] I had real concerns and so.
And also I think because it because it got legs because of that marketing thing and it got legs and everyone was talking about it people were buying it,
and some people would never read erotic romance it open up a whole new world like it was a really exciting for them in and and this whole a whole.
A hole reading John with it they never even thought about suddenly late open and there were others who read it and who didn’t like it but read it because everyone was talking about 8.
But they’re better let me have been reading erotic romance for a long time.
Ok I understand what the fuck about cause I’ve been reading that stuff for years and there’s these books out there that I would.
Map prefer to read than Fifty Shades of Grey they must be doing down there then
the Opium so you know but that’s nothing to take away from her because she wrote the book and she got it out there and she’s making money and good luck to our but the marketing on that with genius
genius marketing for example.
Pantyhose and up to the Canada and you’re the whole display 50 Shades of Grey and I went you know what.
When it’s in you know where it’s in Target and Kmart I’m going it’s not the right content for forever you been on the shelf everybody to read.

[9:56] Interesting interesting so when you writing sex scenes and I think people have this question a lot don’t they,
Hilton asked about the research maintain to
I kill people in my books to help with the research for that little,
subject where you know when I talk about that alright really spicy book.
A lot of people including link.

[10:48] People are quite happy for me to use my imagination to build world’s order set a story on a different planet or.
Analogue I have talking dragons in my book for God’s sake no there’s a problem with that but the sex all the sudden like I can’t imagine.
You know you actually do and I don’t think people realise that when you write in your characters.

[11:12] Become so we’ll in your own mind but their own people so even in the sex scenes the characters the characters drive that you know I might have a character who.
He’s really playful and fun than so that’s it seems going to develop much different to someone who’s had it trauma or with really button down or can be calling.
What’s all the character-driven and the idea of a good sex scene
voice try for a kid it but always drive with a sex scene,
have to change something had to change something between the characters had to drive the action forward we have to learn something or we have to have a question after it has to has to put the ear
Victoria forward sour sex and just for the sake of it it’s not particularly interesting to anybody and it’s not really wanted for Covet the everything in your book should work
everything in use in your book should show character or drive the action forward or push the plot in a different direction and that that include the sex scenes as well and that certainly seems to me something that you’re very good at achieving in in your books
I haven’t read your ellora’s cave books we’ll talk about that in the moment but I certainly really enjoyed the other Watchtower Chronicles.

[12:24] Really early on I was reading a lot of Paranormal than the head which is in them.
We’re clearly people have done no research into the old religions they had never met a prac we can practitioner in the life and it was drive me a bit bonkers so
and I also really like the idea I not long read J awards books Leo black take the brotherhood and I really like that idea of that.
That Warrior archetype cos I’m.
Can you join the navy by the warrior archetype bit more comfortable place I that’s the kind of man I admire and the kind of.
Environment where I’m really comfortable so my nearly all my heroes are worries of some description and so I decided to write a book about witches.
And put in my wheel practices so I I started thinking about it and 4 most,
where’s religions that it’s all about the element 30 Wind and Fire so it makes sense to me to have a witch.
Tattoo at skillset in each of those elements are also like ensemble.
I like the idea of family of choice as well as blood family so I came up with the idea of the photo.
The idea of the girls walking working together in 4th so even though they’re in control of each element.

[13:43] Working together it becomes greater than the sum of its parts and it’s when the true power comes and it and it’s true with a lot of a lot of.
At the old Villa dental of the week and stuff it’s all very collaborative photo when you cough the circle everybody in the circle supposed to be on the same page but they’re not always but so so everyone is both had the same as you set your intention so everybody’s intentions are fine and you.
Come from love so all of that stuff I wanted to time.

[14:09] Invest in the books as well ok do great job but I also like the actual the Watchtower guard who are meant to be.
Companions and protective to the witches and then they also have powers which then combined with.
I won’t say too much cause I don’t wanna give them a really good read and very creative but I also like the fact that you in these books you actually draw on the old Catholic tradition to so you’ve got the Peg and we can
tradition but also the villain malleus and that of course is firmly awful
so when I was looking for a name for my villain.

[14:59] Because his I wanted him also the villain to be not
a two-dimensional moustache twirler like I wanted him to have a his own personality and his own floors and his own Achilles heel and a bit of humour so he thinks it’s hilarious that his name but he thinks it’s hilarious,
and his his,
pickles and ham is because the book is a window,
blind Reverie evil in the world but one thing is that I find really interesting and I think it’s at Shea,
repeating a theme in your in your novel because I’m out to adapt
the jindari this is the first time tempting flame which is a really lovely paranormal romance with other world characters so aliens who come to earth,
it’s something I think is a recurring theme in your novel that I actually really like and it really hurts back to you talking about the sex scenes in your book and I don’t want to go on about the sex scene but what I think is so interesting and I never
cute couple quotes.

[16:16] Really this is what I find really resonates in your novels generally is the attitude of men to women in the book so this is what so refreshing and quite different I think some other,
erotic with Lee romance is all just erotic fiction.
How he made her feel emotionally and physically how magical it was to be cherished to be respected and desired.
And then later on your heroin says he understood her he respected her and he admired her and I think is it something that really strikes a chord with you that this in fact.
Beyond the sexual fantasy Beyond the romantic fantasy that the fantasy is actually about finding a man.
Who was teams the woman yep that am I.
Life is and the better explained Alpha the idea of an alpha male is the big strong confident protective.

[17:19] Sometimes but your chest you know and I’ll find a lot of writers confused it or not rock writers and readers as well confuse the idea of NZ.
Alpha with an a-hole,
you know what really that that idea that and I love the idea and TVs I suppose this is my romantic fantasy idea being so strong,
and so confident his own masculinity that he’s not threatened by strong woman and he’s not bothered by a woman who wants that then up for a self and he’s not in in the second book in their which series the girl is particularly prickly and at one point she,
cheap Luther The Temper and other night and the guy he’s in love with a disc on the steps bengoshi go and he doesn’t kind of guy or don’t leave your tempering don’t Stephanie he just wait for her.

[18:08] To do a thing and then when it gets a bit for your auntie Dixie front of an ego.

[18:13] You might want to take a breath sweetness you know if definitely but he doesn’t I think military when I was in the navy
I was blessed to have really lovely lovely male friends cos I was in the navy in the days when it was 5% female,
lovely friend and the boys always really protective and very kind and very much are family that’ll be much like I was like their little sister and I very protective
when I left the Navy I was in a relationship the got very ugly and
I didn’t know how to protect myself I never had to I never had to stand up for myself I’ve never been treated
with anything but respect I never I didn’t even know how so that idea of you know men being really protective
which I really love because I’m a bit of a princess hacker type is not always helpful because when there are times when you do have on your son
on your own two feet you’re not always equipped to do that and I like to write you know really strong interesting women and special with the Witcher books,
these girls are supposed to be really powerful in their own right if I’ve Corsair going to be in only independent their smart their well educated so I try to write in the idea that the boys even had a perfectly capable of stepping in
they don’t because they respect a woman’s right to stand up for herself and I like the idea of as you know of a guy saying.

[19:38] I’m right here with you if you need me put your hand up if you don’t you know you know I find that stepping in.

[19:47] I really like it but it’s really dangerous because you get to a point where you relying on other people August I’m disturbing for you and it can get really ugly so.
And I’ve heard people say often about romance.
Tickly man that it gives a woman a false idea of what a relationship is.
I’m really romance all romance really is it about two people who love and respect each other and so if a woman is being given a false sense of what romance is when she’s reading about a hero who.
Treats his love with courtesy and respect so much for the real world like really.
And so you know I mean I know it’s not funny like that’s the fantasy if the man who treats of woman well yeah of course you know it an illusion
and also my other thing is.
I can read a science fiction book and no one has to tell me that it’s not real what now and have to tell me that you know we’re not living with robots or it’s not 1984 if I romance my brain falls out someone have to tell me that it’s fiction.

[20:56] I did really well that leaves me of course because 22 someone likes a Germaine Greer who when she wrote the female eunuch
a lot to say about the evils of romance fiction and she won’t describe women who read romance fiction is cherishing the chains of their bondage
did she she did,
I don’t see how loving someone if you love the right person I don’t think I can detract from who you are and if you love the right person and I love you.
For who you are and I see you which doesn’t always happen so people can often love you but not actually see you or.
Really have any idea what makes you tick but when you’re in that that ideal relationship where were you love each other and you see each other for who you are.
Flaws and all.

[21:52] I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want that you know and romance really is about relationships and I don’t think there’s anyone who,
doesn’t want to be in a relationship or wish they weren’t in a relationship or swear there’s never going to be in a relationship or want to be in someone else’s relationship like weird weird to partner up so I you know I don’t,
I think about romance being poo poo to make me cranky because it’s really like any genre book and there a book Theatre.
Yes but I think it’s a fair call so great I think argue that men have no idea about women fantasy.

[22:31] So the fans and perhaps this is obviously back in the 70s and I think that look I don’t think she’s altogether wrong Saturday then went in fact a lot of so-called romance fiction genre fiction
depicted sex is often is a rape cos you know women you know no man vs
and women being in open suppressed door or oppress door controller control or having it loose super strong alpha male who was a different kind of our from one you’re talking about so I don’t think hopefully we’ve evolved I think
I think romance is gone through a real transformation I as I said before I used to read I used to read fantasy that was kind of in my late teens and.
When I was a teenager such as character driven more than.
Event-driven yeah I was more interested in character so even then I was leaning towards women writers but I.

[23:35] With you know when I was kind of 15 16
the only thing I’m going to kind brainmates around with Mills and Boon and the bodice rippers that was pretty much it and there’s nothing wrong with Mills and Boon but it wasn’t it didn’t feed my fantasy brains like it wasn’t you know and the bottle flip is again what really.

[23:54] The women didn’t connect with me at all so so I read in a lot of fun fiction a lot of fantasy and then.

[24:03] And then probably I was probably in my early thirties maybe even the older and someone introduce me to JR ward so I’ll tell you should read this book.
And he was really strong women he was an imaginary I’ll go really.
Beautifully crafted imaginary world really strong Alphas who weren’t a whole life so it was all it was detica lot of people.
2 romance again through fifty shade or open the door to modern romance umbrella
that we now have is huge and it goes from you know historical science fiction paranormal contemporary got there’s a huge range
and for heat level you can read a book where they don’t even kiss until the end,
you can read it but with a having sex on the third page you know like there’s a huge Spectrum now so I think I nothing romance makes up 50% of all book book self in the state so I’m sure it’s.
Comparable here.
Because it is a big umbrella in there is something for everyone and if you don’t like one kind of Rayman 3 something now so tell me more about paranormal paranormal again is a really big umbrella so anything that has Might for example my books are based on Modern Day witches.

[25:17] Because they’ve actual magic in its class at paranormal so it’s my books.
Normal modern day girls fits ride along side books with vampires in it Fitzroy 15 books with shapeshifters
it’s a big umbrella that covers a lot of ground and it’s really you know it’s really magic realism it’s most of the time it’s our world.

[25:39] Reimagined feather new wave it’s really just a world with something you laid over the top for example of the day award books she’s overlay that vampire culture on our wheel world,
in my book of overlaid the witches on our real world know anything over wave hurt her.
The Changeling series that’s overlaid on a real will kind of Paranormal that’s kind of the loose gay,
horse a very broad suit you been published,
internal Romance by three different publishers so tell us a bit so now ellora’s cave they were really quite a big American company did a lot of publish it yet but they went
belly up yet last year is that right Phil ellora’s cave were really early on
the really at the forefront today we’re doing a book before a book reading a thing is to be able to download.
Apple me drop it off eBay and read it off the day before I pretty much specialising erotic romance so it’s the only other than Harlequin Mills and Boon where people.

[26:50] People will go to the publisher rather than.
If you want that like if I want to read something a bit spicy I go to the ellora cave website and have a look at what what was on offer so
another going great for quite a while and when I read when I wrote that series cause at the Minaj Siri so there’s two boys and a girl in the one relationship when I write that series I wrote it with ellora’s cave in mind that was really interesting going to.

[27:16] So I sent off the book and I accepted it and all the pot delightful and then I sent him my second book and it was all quite delightful in then.
Check started skipping and missing and by the time I sending my third book that stop family all together so for about two years I didn’t pay me at all and I know I was not alone and I know a lot of other all the sum of
10 12 books with and like yeah really and I think it was just I don’t with a combination of a lot of things but I think they they got to become place and I think when the rest of the publishing world started
they didn’t keep moving forward they just died where they were and they got overtaken and then Amazon started,
publishing their own authors are focusing on their own all the other smaller boutique publisher for getting a pretty hard deal all that was going on as well and I think they just I think they just dropped the ball but they dropped it in a big way.
They would obedience to the authors like virgilians so but it’s like I think now that publishing sometimes that happens and it’s really.
Really rotten.
And you know I wish it was something else but that’s what it even you just got to go right oh yeah I’ve been right oh so I got my right back to those books and I’m.

[28:32] And I’m going to finish the theories and then shop at with another publisher how many books did you have in that I had three out but they’re fixing the sit there will be fixing a Siri what’s that series that it’s a science fiction.
Minaj that is 3 boys.
80 boys and a girl so this three in the real at three people in a relationship
wonderful BBC British series coupling and they use it as a Joe we’re in fact one of the girls off is.
One of the guys a Minaj and she’s his really excited it when he goes up to the hotel room.
Buy another man Zoe’s fancy obviously is a
do women like it was a joke
when when my critique partner said you should really write erotic romance and I know with again with ellora’s cave.

[29:38] Because I write erotic romance there’s a lot of Minaj and there’s a lot of all sorts of things and more than sometimes he’s four or five people in your eyes people try couldn’t juggalette too much me see me my head where there was
two men walking along spaceship to open door and there’s a girl tied up what she been in a kidnapped or something is tied up in this cupboard and that was all I had.
Oddly enough it doesn’t appear anywhere but they’re on this planet and.

[30:13] There a cos I again with my fantasy background I like the idea of any other Society that’s advanced but not industrialized,
so I had this I had this idea that I’m one continent
no spaceship San Albans on the other continent they had ion storms in and technology doesn’t worked but I have it so they’ve got alchemists and May
get light by putting a crystal and I’m off to get them that creates electricity there’s no computers not working with that and then.

[30:43] For honour on the northern continent,
it’s pretty much owned by company and so they in order to long story blah blah bidy why they released is virus and it means that only male children are born a pregnant he’s a really difficult so there’s not very many women so the women come into the.

[30:59] The Northern Hemisphere but on the southern hemisphere Nobody But like women too hard to get so the bad guys can have a whole bunch of women from Earth and the good guys
sneaker shuttling steel oneself where the women,
the two boys that their dragon riders I ride Dragons and they’re the warrior class and they there Dragons cos he Dragons appeared the boys partner up,
but I believe in the Den with the two Dragons and the boy George partner up in there and her brother’s really what that there for each other family there when he’s girl comes in one of the boys and really keen and you think the only way the best way to keep her if they’re both,
finger in his brother in arms really that,
if I both fight for they might be able to keep her that’s really the basic idea before but because once I start being involved with her and and which you won’t know.
Whitman are they quite specific about how it works so if the men only touching the woman mfm.

[32:13] But if the men touch each other as well as the girl is MMS apparently quite specific I didn’t know that when I started writing either I didn’t know that so you know.
Really if you’re naked in bed with another body you’re not going to be worried about his touch and what really you know I won’t be such a really you just going to be worried about.
You need to go I’ll take you again,
so so I didn’t identify my boys touch each other but it’s only because of her because of the relationship with her and then the whole cos to me.
I Got a Woman at the pivot point and a two guys coming off.
But if you make that a triangular it’s much stronger to me if 3 people love each other and I think with three people love each other you don’t get the same.

[33:13] Fictionally speaking you don’t jealousy if you don’t get the phone for this even if you don’t like it’s all very different when you’re working together as a team for that made more sense to me but also wouldn’t two men one woman,
where is most people I think out there in the world would think of a Minaj’s two women and one ok so that’s all
ok so we’re hoping eventually that the dragon book yet the Dragon series will be Papa Bear
are we home they’re absolutely so then you’ve gone on with payment Miller than that get the witch bolt get it would look great ok but now they’re going to you’re going to end up.

[33:53] Yeah I the pan Macmillan books the witch books were published by the digital on a pan Macmillan Australia that we have an internet and then Momentum got into the parent company.
And it just wasn’t a good fish and so Outta My right back and they.

[34:10] Very kindly gave them to me without her quibble because I went under note contractual obligation at all to do that so that I was very grateful to them so I got the right back for their my now I’m actually at the Point now we’re deciding whether to rehome animal with a tree published
publish them easily and they’re certainly worth getting out there again
really good thank the new series is with another publisher and her Canadian publisher,
I’m really happy with them at the moment yet though this is the jindari serious and then diarrhoea and alienation come to her as sort of
Universe refugees
alien shapeshifters so bored I want to skip your bro now
and I had I took me 3 months to write 6000 words that I don’t want to kill myself I was terrible so I,
so I actually actually it was really good because I had then I had to sit back and go alright what is it about writing that I love what is it that makes my heart sing what is it that makes.

[35:25] Whole process make me want to get up in the morning and fit it if you to Friday and a lot of that swell building a lot of Etsy imagination and the creating the new and the interesting and so the idea is that this.
This group of refugee say they they were looking for somewhere.
And occupy but they’re their battle scarred that they get here and I can’t go any further so they have to find a motorway.
Find a way to make it work there are here so our Heroes again are the warrior archetype that’s what I do yes well they’re pretty gorgeous and Companion Animal who
I actually based it on the Canadian Lynx you know the wildcats a really beautiful so based on the Canadian Lynx me kind of they’re their battle companions but the.
The cats have their own or their cat so you know it’s pretty much feed me stroke me.
Talk to me cos I’m bored why but you know the kind of humour in in the story very arrogant and their bed
very cat like only they and I took mine too mine too there two there.

[36:38] Bloke in flame yeah but there’s a second book on it’s way have really soon breaking life as a second book and that’ll be.
Add in the next month I suspect found another ebook available.
10 hour format,
you know for the future and if this is a Siri for an accent to be different for the future at the moment I’ve got an idea for a.

[37:16] Small town coastal American and,
I think I want to write something with a bit more humour cos I turned out that I have him in all my balls I have an undercut of humour in all my books but I’ve been reading,
Jennifer crusie lately and I really I’m really enjoying it and I don’t know whether you know we’ll have a bit of I had a bit of a tough time.
We family issues and as we all do I just need to write something that.
That just made me chuckle a bit you know and tell if reading that you think I’m really enjoying it and so I had the really boring boring story that made me want to kill myself something about riding a contemporary with a fair bit of humour in it,
and that will be my next four I once I finish with this series and find a home for my Dragon books and maybe self-publish my fridge.

[38:09] Extraordinarily prolific can you know obviously have a long and varied.
Korean to continue and in the head of you for many years to come.
Be the light hanging book cave but before you go to the question that we ask every visitor to the book cave we always want to know.
Our Time Capsule that we’re going to leave the world a 4000 years from now you need to contribute you’re free by 3 Box RK The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

[38:41] Wuthering Heights because.

[38:49] A Nora Roberts because everybody needs a bit of romance wonderful ok we need one more cos you can’t have Shakespeare.
Really what is already in there more Shakespeare Greeks the Greeks and often probably all in there alright I reckon.

[39:07] Let’s go with the Bronte the go down here ok so J there wondering hi yeah and adorable rabbits cos they’re all good
what was the first thing she wrote to you know
no why why Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights I did order in height in your 11 at school.
And really the first three times I tried to read it was terrible and I hate it so much Optus couldn’t I couldn’t get there and one of my teacher said to me.
Take a cat without them to at least effects of chapters and how I did that and I ended up with really falling in love with it and again it’s 2 heathcliff particularly.
The romance of him.
So not the reality of him because if he was a real man he wouldn’t gunasekhar days and it’s the romance of him the idea that he will love her so much that even death wasn’t enough to keep them apart.

[40:02] It just the princess that I think that you know cos I’m a.
Marrow romantic and that to me was just so beautiful and I love that he was dark and twisted another even though I don’t write that I feel like reading that and and you know and you think about the background those girls had in the lives they lived.
Genius on the page genius on the page and Jade is fine.
Such a different book I different you know she’s so clever in Jane Eyre at the very beginning when she writes about,
that little girl stuck in the Red Room being punished and there’s a there’s a whole thing where she’s she sitting in a chair with her doll on her lap and she’s looking around the room trying to memorize everything before the fire goes and I’m like terrifying and that emotional anchor.
The emotion Lancashire pull the reader in and just kicked in a fifth lock for the whole book but there’s a whole scene where Rochester with being Jane to marry her and it goes on for about
10 or 12 Pages I think and it’s just not one word it boring it’s just,
heartridge in the whole thing reading her and bedding her and it never gets old it’s just
beautifully crafted and so clever and for them to have no wheel.
But all that to be instinctive oh my goodness I just they just madly impressive both girl so you know and Rochester and really not blowing hot so much but there’s a man really even though.

[41:32] Person will admit it but many of the great classics of Roman,

[41:48] Yeah that’s true but that’s probably the thank you.

[41:57] Music.

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