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Heyer Society – a new website

Heyer Society
Georgette Heyer in her finest. She always enjoyed social occasions with family and friends. Here she is
 with (L-R) her husband Ronald Rougier, her brother Boris and her son, Richard Rougier.

Heyer Society is a new website dedicated to Georgette Heyer. The amazing Rachel Hyland has created  www.heyersociety.com and it’s a great go-to site for all Heyer fans. It’s a blog and a community, with daily posts and frequent polls, Top 10 lists, and reviews. It also has excerpts from the delicious new Heyer anthology, The Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer. Rachel is an enthusiastic Heyerite and her website is a great place to discover more about the beloved author and her bestselling novels. Rachel loves discussing all things Heyer and looks forward to engaging with like-minded readers and fans.

    A new book about Georgette Heyer

Heyer Society: Essays on the Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer

Heyer Society
An anthology of 24 essays by fans, bloggers, scholars and authors. The Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer is a delightful tribute to an enduring bestseller. It will be available in both print and digital forms from
27 November 2018.

A great tribute.

I was delighted to write the Foreword for The Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer. This engaging new collection of essays about Heyer and her novels is a feast for readers. Over the years, it’s been fascinating to witness the decided shift in attitude towards Heyer. Still selling forty-four years after her death, critics and academics are beginning to sit up and take notice. Those who haven’t read her are beginning to listen to those who have. The Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer  is a timely tribute to this remarkable author and her many novels.

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Heyer Society

Digital, audiobook & paperback Out Now

Jane Austen's Ghost

The acclaimed author of Georgette Heyer’s Regency World and Georgette Heyer: Biography of a Bestseller debuts with her first adult novel.

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16 thoughts on “Heyer Society – a new website”

    1. A very good idea. Did you have anything in mind? I’m actually in New York next year in late June/July.

    2. I’m wondering where the inspiration for the title of Heyer’s book Friday’s Child came from was it from the poem Monday’s Child Friday’s Child is loving and giving?

    1. Thanks Holly. A UK conference is a great idea and one I’ve floated with a good friend in London. We’re thinking of having one in 2021 to celebrate the centenary of The BLack Moth. What do you think?

      1. I’m just curious about where Georgette Heyer got the inspiration for the title Friday’s Child is from the poem Monday’s Child? The part that says Friday’s Child is loving and giving.

  1. I also would love a conference in the US.

    I’d also love to see more complications of essays on Heyer. I loved Heyer Society! New perspectives are always wonderful.

    1. Hi Evelyn, thanks for posting. I’m so glad you like Heyer Society. Next year is the centenary of The Black Moth and we’re hoping to hold a Heyer conferene in both the UK and the US. FIngers crossed!

  2. Went to the website for the Heyer Society and it’s pretty empty. I joined anyway, but haven’t heard anything back. Is the society still a go? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kris, yes, it’s definitely going ahead but the launch isn’t until 1 July. You’ll definitely be notified once the Society goes live and you’ll also receive your copy of Nonpareil – our monthly magazine – as well as the Weekly Post, our series of exclusive content for members only. Members’ bonuses wll be sent out this week ahead of our launch. It’s so exciting! Looking forward to celebrating the great Miss Heyer,

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    What great news! Have joined by payment but didn’t get asked for name or anything but I see from the comment above that it will all get going soon.

    1. SO lovely to hear from you Isolde and I’m thrilled that you have joined the Society. I’ll be putting up a post about it this week. Lots to look forward to!

  4. This may be of possible interest to some Heyer fans. Our library (Westhampton Free Library, Westhampton Beach, NY) is hosting a Zoom discussion of three of Georgette Heyer’s works as part of our Jane Austen Book Club, on Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00pm. We will be discussing Arabella, Frederica and Devil’s Cub. All Heyer fans welcome.

    You can register online at: https://westhamptonlibrary.librarymarket.com/event/jane-austen-book-club-zoom-virtual-event-0 or by calling the library at 631-288-33354×4.


    Nola Thacker
    Program Coordinator
    Westhampton Free Library

    1. Hi Nola, thanks so much for posting this. I would dearly love to join in but when I tried to register it wouldn’t accept my registration because I’m not in the area. Love to have your thoughts as there are several of us in Australia who would love to participate. Thanks for letting us know about it – it sounds great!

  5. Would like to register my wife in the Georgette Society as a surprise present
    Please advise how this might happen
    She is a lifelong fan (over 70 years) and has most of the Georgette novels
    Regds Peter Byrne

  6. I’m just curious about where Georgette Heyer got the inspiration for the title Friday’s Child is from the poem Monday’s Child? The part that says Friday’s Child is loving and giving.

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