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Why are some myths so persistent? An idea takes hold and even though it’s false it can live on in people’s minds for years. Somebody once said that Georgette Heyer never wanted her books made into films. People cite the awful 1949 film of her novel, The Reluctant Widow, as the reason. They also believe she left instructions in her will forbidding her descendants from selling film rights to her books. BUT IT’S NOT TRUE. As Georgette herself would say, it’s a bag of moonshine, a bouncer, a hum.

Georgette always wanted her books made into films.
Georgette always wanted her books made into films.


In 1925, Georgette pressed her agent to sell the film rights to her Medieval novel, Simon the Coldheart. In 1935, she told him she thought Regency Buck would make a ‘Super film’ and in 1936 Fox considered filming The Talisman Ring. Georgette indulged in ‘pipe-dreams of film-rights’ and in 1944 sold a film option for Friday’s Child. Nothing came of it, so in 1946 she was thrilled The Reluctant Widow was actually being filmed. Unfortunately, the movie was so unlike her original story, Heyer was horrified. Yet, even after that awful version of her witty novel she still went on selling film rights to her books. In the 1950s alone she sold film options for These Old Shades, The Conqueror, Arabella and at least four other novels.

Georgette loathed The Reluctant Widow 1949 movie.
Georgette loathed The Reluctant Widow 1949 movie.


Of course, selling a film right doesn’t guarantee a film will be made. As her fans know only too well, we’re still waiting for a fabulous Heyer movie or TV series to hit the screen. Since Heyer’s death, many film options for her novels have been sold but so far none has got to ‘green light’. Now there’s news that a film of The Grand Sophy is in the works. While Heyer fans everywhere wait for a brilliant, witty, superbly acted film of one of her novels, Sara-Mae Tuson and Beth Keehn have set the ball rolling with an entertaining Georgette Heyer trailer as part of their Indiegogo fundraiser for a Heyer podcast series.

Georgette would have loved a film of The Grand Sophy.
Georgette would have loved a film of The Grand Sophy.

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14 thoughts on “Heyer Films: Mythconceptions – All Things Georgette”

    1. Hi Brenda well I’ve been asking around and it seems that things have ground to a halt with the Grand Sophy film. At least for now. Not sure why it’s proving so hard to get a film or TV series up of a Heyer novel. They’d make such great movies and there’s the Downton Abbey audience would love them I’m sure.

      1. Are jullian fellowes or Carl Davies just tired or bored… heyers novels would be perfect vehicles for them to script….jeez, or are they just blind?

  1. Really really wish they would do a series of her books, much like the British George Gently or Death in Paradise or other detective shows they run. It would not matter that each one was a totally different story. They did several Jane Austen books. Why not Heyer. Her tales are soooooooooo captivating.

    1. Hi Charlotte, I totally agree with you and I’m ever hopeful of a film or even better a TV series of one or more of Heyer’s novels. With the right script they’d make fabulous viewing and given the success of Austen and Downton Abbey you’d think it would be on the cards. Here’s hoping.

    1. The Heyer Estate owns the rights to all of her novels and short stories and is managed by the Ampersand Agency in the UK. Hope that helps.

    1. The rights to all Heyer novels and short stories are owned by the Heyer Estate which is managed by the Ampersand Agency in the UK.

  2. Could we not petition a tv studio about doing her novels? Probably a daft idea but maybe they don’t realise how many fans she actually has.

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