In the Book Cave with Clare Saxby

Clare Saxby

Claire Saxby’s favourite word is ‘try’ – an interesting choice for an author who has achieved so much in her career as a successful children’s book author. A lyrical writer with a love of unusual words, Claire has written poetry, fiction and non-fiction for young people on subjects as diverse as Weary Dunlop, the Anzacs, koalas, emus and the Rajah Quilt. A compelling interview which looks at how she writes, what inspires her and the challenges attached to writing books for children, Claire Saxby was a welcome guest In the Book Cave.

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In the Book Cave with David McCooey

David McCooey

Best known as a prize-winning poet and academic, David McCooey is also a critic, editor, musician and sound artist. Described as having ‘a remarkable power to draw the reader in’ David was a fascinating guest In the Book Cave. Speaking about poetry and its power, David explains why poetry remains important to so many people in the modern world. Here is a writer who understands the power of words and how poetry can help us to make sense of our lives.

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In the Book Cave with Gregory Day

Gregory Day

His brilliant Mangowak trilogy evokes not only the Australian bush and the Australian larrikin spirit but also speaks to the deeper issues of modern life and its effect on the natural world. Gregory’s later books deal with war and loss, history and strange connections. This mesmerising author talks openly about writing, the act of creation and the words on the page. A wonderful guest In the Book Cave.

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