Trust by Kylie Scott

Trust by Kylie Scott – Book Review

I can still remember my first Kylie Scott book, it was Lick and it was brilliant. One of those books that grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go. Lick was the first book in the Stage Dive series and I totally recommend all four books: Lick, Play, Lead, Deep.

Kylie Scott Trust
The awesome, rockin’ Stage Dive series

Kylie’s got a great style and she knows how to grab your interest and hold it to the last page. I’d heard that Trust was different from her other books, so I was keen to see what she’d written this time. I wasn’t disappointed. The first chapter was startling – not at all what I’d expected and totally visceral and traumatic. It was so convincing that it pulled me in and by the end of chapter three I was dying to know how this was going to turn out. This is a brilliantly told story of two older teens whose lives are changed forever by a horrific experience. The main characters, Edie and John, are so real and you really want them to figure out how to get past their nightmare experience. Kylie Scott totally understands young people but more than that she understands relationships and angst and how people try to work through the crap in their lives. I loved the way Edie and John evolved, how they got to know each other and the realistic way in which they looked out for each other after what they’d been through. The secondary characters were also well-written. I think it takes a skilled writer to make  every character in a book feel real but they do in Trust. This book is filled with friendship and anger and revenge. It’s ‘New Adult’ fiction which means there’s swearing and sex scenes, but they’re really well done and never gratuitous. This is a great story. I loved Trust and read it at one sitting. Highly recommended.

Kylie Scott Trust
Kylie Scott’s bestselling series

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Kylie Scott Trust

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