Her Life


Georgette Heyer is beloved around the world for her historical novels – especially those set in the English Regency period.

Inspired by her favourite novelist, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer’s novels abound in romantic comedy.

Born in Wimbledon in 1902, she began writing as a child and at the young age of eighteen received a contract for her first novel, The Black Moth (still in print more than 90 years later). By the time of her death in 1974, she had published 55 novels, an anthology of short stories and created the Regency genre of historical fiction.

Today she continues to be read and loved by readers everywhere for her memorable characters, clever plots, stylish prose and inimitable wit.
She is considered remarkable for her ability to ‘bring the past to life’ via meticulous historical research and sparkling dialogue – much of it drawn from contemporary sources such as Pierce Egan’s Life in London, Austen’s novels, and the letters and journals of those who lived through the heady days of George, Prince of Wales, Regent and King.