In The Book Cave

In the Book Cave with Helen McDonald

Helen McDonald

Helen MacDonald deals with the dead. Fascinated by the macabre history of anatomy and dissection, her books trace the origins of industry.

In the Book Cave with Graeme Kinross-Smith

Graeme Kinross-Smith

Graeme Kinross-Smith has spent over forty years in the Australian literary scene. An award winning writer of short stories, poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

In the Book Cave with Fiona Lowe

Fiona Lowe

With her novels Daughter of Mine and Birthright, Fiona Lowe has won accolades for her insightful portrayals of people and relationships. It was fascinating to hear Fiona’s story of making the shift from writing genre fiction to longer ‘single-title’ novels.

Delwyn Jenkins In The Book Cave

Delwyn Jenkins

A modern woman for modern times, Delwyn Jenkins has plenty of first-hand experience with today’s fast-paced publishing industry.

Clare Saxby In The Book Cave

Clare Saxby

Claire Saxby’s favourite word is ‘try’ – an interesting choice for an author who has achieved so much in her career as a successful children’s book author.

In the Book Cave with David McCooey

David McCooey

Speaking about poetry and its power, David McCooey explains why poetry remains important to so many people in the modern world.

Marion Lennox In The Book Cave

Marion Lennox

A legend in the romance-writing world, Marion Lennox, has won two of the prestigious RITA™ awards and 118 novels for Harlequin Mills & Boon.

In the Book Cave with Roy Hay

Roy Hay

With plenty of Scottish wit and canny insight into what makes people tick, Roy proved to be a delightful guest In the Book Cave.

In the Book Cave with Corrine Fenton

Corrine Fenton

A successful and prolific writer of children’s picture books, Corinne Fenton explains the challenges of writing for children.

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