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‘And you thought she was dead.’

It’s 1816 and the Prince Regent’s chaplain, the pompous James Stanier Clarke, has just proposed to Jane Austen. She’s rejected him out of hand but he’s desperately in love and determined to make her his wife in either this life or the next. Using an ancient book of magic to curse Jane, Clarke binds her to the Phantral Realm, there to remain until he dies and claims her as his eternal bride. Lying between our mortal world and the Celestial Sphere the Phantral Realm is inhabited by ghosts. In time every ghost will pass on to the Celestial World – only Jane Austen’s ghost may not leave.

Two hundred years later her presence there has blocked the Phantral Gate and the ghosts cannot get out. If the Phantral Realm fails it will be a disaster. Ignorant of impending doom, and devastated by her recent break-up, Cassie Austin arrives in Winchester to find refuge with her Great-Aunt Butters. Instead she’s reluctantly thrust into adventure when Aunty B casts a spell to open the Phantral Gate and the Phantral Force casts Jane Austen into the mortal world.

She and Cassie are magically bound until Jane’s ghost can be freed from the curse. Together they must embark on a quest to save England from catastrophe – all the while introducing the remarkable Jane Austen to life in the twenty-first century. In a race against time they must solve the mystery of the Grimoire, find four of Jane’s lost possessions and cast the vital counter-curse before the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s death. This fast-paced contemporary adventure story with a Regency twist is a quirky romp guaranteed to entertain readers of all ages.