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So, after some rain and other delays, we finally have walls. At least, we’ve got the walls you won’t see. Chris has built the brick retaining walls with the wires in them that will allow him to attach the sandstone. He’s left room for the corner pier and we’ve ordered the special angled plinth bricks from the supplier. It’s fascinating to watch Chris work. He’s quick and his skill with a brickie’s trowel is extraordinary. You can see how much he loves working with stone and he has big ideas for our lovely old sandstone blocks. It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished.

We have walls! Brick retaining walls waiting to faced with sandstone.
We have walls! Brick retaining walls waiting to faced with sandstone.


That turns out to be some time away as the brick yard has just called to say that our plinth bricks are not available. Damn. I’ve been waiting on promised supply for several weeks so this is a blow. Luckily, Chris is undaunted.

“No worries, I’ll just cut them by hand.”
“Wow. Can you do that?” I’m a bit doubtful.
‘Sure, why not.” He seems confident so I’m willing to give him a chance.

The first pier is begun with handcut plinth bricks.
The first brick pier is begun with hand-cut plinth bricks.


And before you know it, we have plinth bricks. They’ll be part of the brick piers at each end of the wall, in the corner and at the top of the steps. They’ll be a feature so they’ll need to look good. I’m confident that Chris will pull off something amazing. His hand-cut bricks already look great and I’m beginning to realise that Chris has an exceptional eye for design. From what he’s achieved so far, I’m really eager to hear about his vision for terrace. It was his idea to copy elements of the house design in this corner of the garden and so far it seems to be working. In fact, I think by the time it’s all done it’s going to look great. All I need is patience.

Our beautiful 150 year-old sandstone blocks waiting to be cut by hand.
Our beautiful 150 year-old sandstone blocks which will be cut by hand to cover the brick retaining walls.

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We have walls

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